The International Peace Belt

The International Peace Belt







When the Euro replaced most former European currencies, Wendy received a phone call from a local reporter that changed her life. When asked how she would integrate the out-of-circulation European money into their artwork, Wendy envisioned a belt made of coins from Europe and the world, symbolizing the peaceful unity of all nations. With the help of two of her jewelry apprentices and several students, that dream became a reality: a sterling belt was created with coins and gems representing 115 countries, and a hope that one day all 191 countries will be represented.

Upon its completion in 2003, the International Peace Belt (TIPB) journeyed to India for the Golden Jubilee of World Peace and Harmony. With that event, a foundation was born. Wendy established Artists for World Peace (AFWP), a non-profit organization whose mission is to spread peace by supporting humanitarian projects in places where The International Peace Belt ventures.

Since 2003, the Peace Belt has traveled to over 25 countries on 5 continents. TIPB has been worn during hundreds of artistic performances, sacred ceremonies, and at peace and spiritual gatherings in New York (Ground Zero), South Korea, Haiti, Spain, Brazil, Tanzania, Canada, Egypt, Tonga, Scotland, and the list goes on. Wherever TIPB travels, dancers, artists, musicians, peace activists, and spiritual leaders meditate on and lend their voices to support peace. In this way, TIPB is transformed into a living link between cultures and a symbol of peace and unity of all nations, of all people as one.