Children of Peace

Our Children of Peace

Our Children of Peace Project started in 2003, when we took in our first child. We have been growing our Children of Peace family ever since. We now support 21 children through our friends and sponsors who commit $1,450 a year for each child’s education and living expenses, as well as money raised from One Concert/One Child.


One Concert, One Child, our monthly concert series started by our musical director Dr. Robert Nasta, pays for all the additional expenses for our children, as well supplements tuition payments. These include tutors, music lessons, medical bills, shoes, clothing, and the other necessities that growing children require to thrive.


Through our sustainability projects, we are also able to feed and educate 48 primary school children who come to the Good Hope schoolhouse every day to receive schooling and two daily meals, a breakfast and lunch with fresh vegetables and protein. These form the building blocks for the children’s future—and the future of the village.


This year we established the Children’s Emergency Fund. This fund will be used for the most vulnerable children that find their way to Good Hope and Artists for World Peace.

Sponsor a Child

Our Children of Peace in Kibosho, Tanzania

Artists for World Peace is sponsoring the education and living expenses of all of the beautiful children that came to us through Good Hope Trust in Kibosho-Umbwe. Mama Josephine Machuwa is their African Mama, and Wendy Black-Nasta is their American Mama. Thank you to everyone who helps Artists for World Peace support our Children of Peace Project around the world.


Graduation 2014. Congratulations!




Meet Our Amazing Children

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Tanzania 2012








 Tanzania 2012


Tanzania summer 2012




Our first Child of Peace, who graduated in 2014. Lobbing at 8 and 18. Ten beautiful years.





Artists for World Peace thanks the many supporters who responded to our appeal to help educate the Children of Peace in Kibosho, Tanzania. Because of you, the children are being educated and cared for in two wonderful private academies. We, and they, are so grateful to all of you!

Lynn Alfieri, Cassandra Angelo, Ellen Argento, Robyn Canfield, Susan Cataffo-Heiland, the Center for Serenity of West Hartford, Sharon Challenger, Katie Clay and John Wareham, Lisa Comer, Jo Davis, Chantal Dearmitt, Sarah Elizabeth, Catherine Fellows, Claudia Hehr, Barbara Heyd, Elizabeth and Stephen Hibino, George Ihlenburg Jr., Kathy Jaharis, Lynn Johnson, Chantal Laliberte, Larry Leone, Jennifer Lia, Margaret Matteson, Tammi Morgues, Jesse Nasta, Miles Nasta, Robert Nasta, Helen Rea, Sharone Sayegh, Lisa Simmons, Loretta Spencer, Honey Sue Springut, Stacey Sroka, Gail and Chris Steele, Adam Stiles, Kathleen Stiles, Joseph Tannenbaum, Diane Valentine, Kathleen White, Michele Wytas, Elizabeth Znosko, Alyssa Barratt, Wendy Rayack, Dr. Rise Kaufmann, and all our friends who have donated anonymously.