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Tanzania 2017

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When we first met Josephine Machuwa, Director of Good Hope Trust in Kibosho-Umbwe, Tanzania, back in 2008, we realized it would realistically take a ten year commitment to be able to make the changes we felt would be necessary in order for Josephine to be able to have a huge, positive impact in her village. In 2010 we began designing sustainability projects: The Peace Pig Club and Cluck Cluck Club, to add protein into the children’s, and the villagers diets. Next we built the grinding center, which brings in daily income to help run the orphanage center. Our AFWP Health Clinic was completed in 2014, at which time we opened it with an 11 member travel team of eye care specialists. Since then, we have cared for over 3,000 villagers, provided 4,000 pair of eye glasses, and 2,000 pair of sunglasses free of charge. We provided over 50 cataract surgeries—literally giving eyesight to the blind. We distributed interest free micro loans to villagers to help them establish their own businesses. We bought brick making machines and provided classes for local villagers to learn to make bricks, which we now purchase to continue building additional structures in the village. We launched a cottage industry for 6 local women to become expert quilt makers. With the help of hundreds of artists and musicians, we have hosted events over the past 10 years to raise funds to accomplish all of these goals. We have also been blessed with the support of many people who help us in countless ways.
We have honored our 10 year commitment and are now coming home to the U.S. to open free eye clinics on Native American reservations. Our first clinic will open in South Dakota, June of 2018, From there we will open a second clinic in Connecticut. 
As for Tanzania, we will continue to support our beautiful children, with the help of our children’s sponsors, who pay for a child’s living and educational expenses. Our One Concert/One Child musicians continue to perform monthly and help raise funds to cover our children’s expenses. We will also continue to put together medical teams to travel to our health center to host and operate free clinics. 
We are looking forward to seeing what Josephine and the villagers do with all of the projects we built— that now belong to them. We are looking forward to seeing the birth of hundreds of new piglets and chickens, and to continue to watch everyone thrive with their new skills. We are also excited to see our children continue to grow and reach their dreams. Our children want to become doctors and engineers, lawyers and prime minister, a heart surgeon and a film maker. We are sure they will become whatever it is they put their minds to. And they know they have a family in America that loves them and is proud of calling them our children.
Wendy Black-Nasta
Founder/Executive Director

Artists for World Peace