Tanzania 2014

On-going Projects in Tanzania


Summer 2014- Eye Clinic


Shipping Container Fall 2014


Tanzania Peace House 2014


Mural Painting on Grinding Machine Building 2014


Go-Loans 2014 Update

Peace Pigs, Cluck Cluck Club, and Grinding Machine

Artists for World Peace funds self-sustainable projects and businesses though our interest-free loans given to villagers in Kibosho, Tanzania.


“Peace and Harmony” song performed in Tanzania


Tanzania Video 2012

Good Hope Trust Orphanage Center

Josephine Machuwa feeds, houses, and educates several dozen children who are very poor, who were abandoned, or who were orphaned by AIDS. Josephine also built a one-room schoolhouse, which offers early education to very young children in the village.  With financial assistance, and personal visits,  Artists for World Peace has joined Josephine to help bring her vision to fruition.

Community Health Center in Kibosho Umbwe

This much-needed, long-awaited health center opened in the summer of 2012. Artists for World Peace raised money for the roof as well as for the recently installed solar-powered electricity system. We will continue to give our support by providing much need medical supplies.  We provided 500 pair of new glasses to villagers the summer of 2014 and hosted a free eye clinic.

Lukundane Co-op in Kibosho, Tanzania 

This co-op began on April 26, 2010 and consists of 30 members. Through micro-loans, Artists for World Peace supported Lukundane with their first interest-free micro loan. The loan was used to purchase Peace Pigs and feed, as well as build pig bantas. We saw this as a wonderful way to give a self motivated, very organized group of villagers a leg up, and not a hand out.