Sustainable Update 2014


Our Sustainability Projects- Update Fall 2014



Peace Pigs



The Peace Pigs continue to multiply and help our children—and the whole village—thrive. At the time of our visit the pens held a half-dozen or so adult pigs, three of whom were mothers, each suckling another half-dozen piglets. We were thrilled to see how healthy our children looked, now that they have protein in their diet. During our stay, a local man bought one of the pigs for his family and to sell the meat. The sale boosted the Good Hope income, allowing Josephine to move toward self-sufficiency in her care of the children.





Cluck Cluck Club



The chickens also help the children and village thrive, providing eggs and meat for daily protein, which the children had lacked. This summer, the nun NAME who helps provide health care for the children of Good Hope Trust, presented Wendy with a strong, healthy rooster, ensuring that more baby chicks will continue to help villagers feed their families.






Grinding Machine






A new generator allows the grinding machine to operate independent of the sometimes sporadic supply of electricity. Villagers come with their corn to have it ground into meal, paying at a per-weight cost. This is another endeavor that enables Good Hope to move toward self-sufficiency. The new mural painted on the side of the building provides both beauty and attention to the grinding business.