Shipping Container

Shipping Container Arrives September 2014



webcontainer5 webcontainer4 webcontainer3 When the shipping container arrived, it was a day of celebration in the community, with gifts that will change lives. While we were disappointed that the shipping container arrived after we left (even though we’d delayed our return to the states by a week to ensure we’d be there to help unload the 40’ container), we can only be happy about its arrival. The videographer, arranged by Wendy’s friend Noel, captured the joy of children on bicycles for the first time, as well as the multitude of health equipment that will furnish the clinic. When we’d left, men from the village, including the headmaster of the local elementary school, were readying the soccer field for the games they would have with the soccer equipment.



We are so grateful to our friends and donors who made this happiness possible. We look forward to sharing our video with you, and we’ll be taking photos of these success stories when we next return to Kibosho-Umbwe.


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Where it all began. Spring 2014

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