Peace Runner


Our good friend, Zach Borer, took on the challenge of becoming our first official peace runner. He ran the Disney Marathon in January 2016, with the goal of raising the 5,000 dollars needed to ship the container filled with medical equipment and supplies from Connecticut to our village in Tanzania

We were thrilled when Zach reached his goal, making him our first official peace runner, as well as our hero. On behalf of all of us at AFWP, we would like to thank Zach and all of the 89 people who made donations in honor of his  peace run.


Zack Borer at the Walt Disney World Marathon

Reached his goal of $5,000!


12507393_10154113990494415_1563597653864574095_n 12509645_10154115053309415_3757530822556840783_n Picture 1Our First Official Peace Runner, Zack Borer, crossed the finish line!!
We are totally proud and grateful to Zack for his commitment to our vision of continuing to change lives of thousands of villagers in Tanzania!! Thank you to everyone who has supported Zack’s run!



Thank you Zack Borer for raising $5,000 to ship medical supplies and equipment to Tanzania this coming summer. AFWP will be shipping approximately $300,000 of donated items for the clinics and villagers that will include:

-Equipment for one dental examination room

-1,000 toothbrushes and toothpaste

-Medical supplies for the village of 2,500 people (gauze, bandages, blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, medicines)

-1,000 pair of sunglasses, 500 pair of safety glasses, 3,500 prescription eyeglasses, $60,000 of exam equipment

-Medications for the AFWP Eye Clinic

-100 chairs for the clinic

-25 Sheets, blankets, pillows, and pillowcases for hospital beds in the clinic

-50 Towels and washcloths

-4 Beds for the orphanage

-500 pair of new sneakers and shoes

-New clothing for children

-School supplies for 200 children

-Art supplies for 400 children and young adults

-Musical instruments

-100 soccer balls and equipment to be used on the soccer field that AFWP built in 2014

-Household gifts for 100 families

-200 plastic buckets for village families

And more!


If you would like to help you can donate by clicking the link below.




Grab the Peace and Run With It

Zack Borer, husband, songwriter, musician and therapist, focuses on helping people in the arts relieve stress and enjoy more satisfying lives. He knows that this goal involves more than just running a race for personal success. It is a mental and spiritual journey that requires a perspective shift from ‘me’ to ‘us,’ from local to global.  Zack’s prescription combines artistic talent and passion with altruism…the ultimate win-win!

On January 10, 2016, Zack will join 20,000-30,000 distance runners at the annual Walt Disney Marathon in Orlando, Florida. He is the first Peace Runner for Artists for World Peace, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2003 by New York jewelry designer Wendy Black-Nasta. The organization embraces artists, musicians and activists who commit time and talent to projects that raise money to feed, house, educate and provide healthcare to those in need—lifting communities to a place of hope around the world.  

Zack said he chose to fund Artists for World Peace because of his exposure to its work through the performance world. He says that AWFP broadened his worldview, changed his personal priorities, and made him want to do more for others. He decided that a marathon run would be a fantastic project since good health fosters peace, both personally and globally, and that AWFP is one of those rare ‘grass-roots’ organizations with no hefty administrative budget.

Successful 2015 AWFP projects include: eye clinics that provided vision examinations and eyeglasses to 1,600 individuals in Kibosho-Umbwe,Tanzania, and Middletown, Connecticut; the annual Dance for Peace, and AFWP on Broadway performances; the One Concert/One Child music series; the Food for Thought Program; two scholarship awards; as well as benefit concerts. In addition to annual events, new projects for 2016 include: the shipping of medical supplies, eye glasses, and dental equipment to Tanzania, and the opening of a dental clinic to provide oral hygiene, dental examinations, and services to children and adults; the return of our eye care team to the health care center in Tanzania; the HeART of inner peace—a day of artistic expression and healing; and the Peace is Healthy Initiative.



Zack Borer:

(November 2015)

A year ago I couldn’t run a mile. I am now training to run my first marathon taking place at Walt Disney World on January 10th, 2016. I’m scared and overwhelmed, but mostly excited to test myself both physically and mentally. Running came into my life at the perfect time; a time when I needed patience, and a time when I needed to understand that it’s not in the destination, but in the journey. The real work in creating something comes in the consistent dedication to the task.

I feel gratitude when I am running. It is a time when I can look out at the path ahead and feel the synchronicity of my senses and body working together. It is in these moments that I feel lucky to be alive, healthy, and surrounded by family and friends. It is also a time when I realize that there are so many people out there who are not as fortunate as I am.




Your Peace Runner,