Peace Pig Club



The AFWP Peace Pig club was extablished in 2010 to bring protein into the daily diet of all of our children, as well as the children who attend the Good Hope Trust Kindergarten.

To date, the prolific pigs have been providing food for the past six years to hundreds of families in and around the village.

Our pigs are so big and strong that this year our pig bantas had to be repaired. With the help of Chris Breen and the student council at St. Timothy Middle School in West Hartford, Connecticut, we were able to provide the funds to repair our beautiful sturdy brick pig bantas.

Thank you to the members—new and original— of the Peace Pig Club. Your gift enables families to receive important nutrition as well as income. In addition, the pig manure provides much needed fertilizer for organic farming, which is the main occupation for adults in the village.



We have seen first hand how our peace pigs change lives. Not only do they provide much needed nutrition for children to develop, they also provide a source of income which enables the Good Hope orphanage to be self-sustaining. Since 2011 we continue to expand our Peace Pig Project throughout Kibosho-Umbwe and into neighboring villages. As with any profitable venture, maintenance is the key to continued success. Repairs are needed on the original pig bantas that AFWP built in 2011. It is time for regeneration of piglets so that the project can continue to provide these much needed services to the children of Good Hope Trust and the villagers of Kibosho-Umbwe, Tanzania.

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Download the pdf here and mail to: Artists for World Peace, P.O. Box 95, Middletown, CT 06457