One Concert/One Child

One Concert/One Child,

one problem, one solution,

one step and then another,

one more way to realize the vision

of building peace through art.

Friday, October 20

We are out of the house for this month’s One Concert/One Child concert. Our annual Halloween show will feature The Flying Particles performing live music to the original silent version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Please note the location. Reservations are suggested as last year’s performance sold out. 


Our house concert series runs from September-May. All proceeds from One Concert/One Child financially support our Children of Peace around the world, and a portion of the proceeds from each concert is donated to our Middletown, Connecticut, food pantry. Thank you to Dr. Robert Nasta for spearheading the project. All concerts are advertised on the AFWP Facebook page.

Past Performers