First Annual Gallery and Sale

First Annual Gallery and Sale 2013





Photographer: Kate Clay

Photographer Kate Clay joined Artists for World Peace founder, Wendy Black-Nasta and her son, Miles Nasta on their first trip to Tanzania in the summer of 2010. A child advocate for many years, Kate documented the group’s experiences during their extraordinary trip. From behind the lens, Kate realized that this small group of children in Africa DOES have a family: Artists for World Peace continues to ensure their education and future, and works to make sure no child has to face the world alone.





Painter: Kathi Packer

“I never intended for my safari trip in Africa to radically redirect my creative sensibilities. At the outset, it was simply a long anticipated voyage of discovery. It was only later in my studio, that I realized how profoundly this experience had affected me.”

My new work explores zebras in the wild but goes beyond mere visual description. The perceived drama reveals a universal message of survival and vulnerability, a decade long interest of mine. Each image is a fragment of movement and time. These ephemeral postures could at once depict a falling, resting, dying or a joyously playful animal. The viewer doesn’t really know the beginning, middle or end of this choreography, nor the context. Similarly, the character of the landscape depicted creates a fluid atmosphere where dust and mist provide a delicate but ambiguous veil to the drama or joy of the moment.

These small intimate paintings read much larger than the dimensions suggest. Passages of color and texture highlight the translucency and opacity within each painting. Similarly, the larger drawings invite the viewer into a self-contained world of movement and reveal a sense of drama through a bold, expressive quality of line. While never intended as studies for other work, the drawings nonetheless inform the paintings and vice versa.

Kathi Packer’s work is represented in several institutional collections including The New Britain Museum of American Art, Galeria Nacional de Costa Rica, The University of Connecticut School of Medicine, The Phoenix Corporation and Hartford Hospital. She is also represented in private collections throughout the United States.







Photographer: Claudia Hehr

Claudia Hehr is a New York City based photographer. After studying photography in Stuttgart, Germany she relocated to New York, establishing herself as a commercial, editorial and documentary photographer. Claudia’s body of work ranging from portraits to reportage illuminates an honest perspective that is markedly her signature style. Inspired by her power to motivate others to give back, she frequently donates her time and talent to support non-profits.

This summer, Claudia traveled to Tanzania with Artists for World Peace to photograph the group’s work with children affected by HIV/AIDS. No matter if she’s documenting orphans in Africa or portraying CEO’s in Manhattan – Claudia’s work and commitment is all about the human connection.

For more information or to book an assignment, please visit:







Photographer: Chris Dei

Chris Dei is an award-winning photographer whose tribal and wildlife images offer penetrating insight to the perfection, balance and beauty of a quickly disappearing world. Originally trained as a classical pianist in the U.S. and Europe, she brings a lifetime of experience, insight and creativity to her work.

A highly sought after photographer for her portrait work as well, Chris has worked on major digital projects for The Philadelphia Orchestra, Carnegie Hall, The JFK Center for the Performing Arts and many of the world’s most renowned performing concert artists.

When she is not in her studio, she can be found in some of the most remote and challenging areas of the world. She is an active member of the North American Nature Photography Association, and a passionate advocate of environmental and wildlife conservation. She has recently been awarded a signature membership in Artists for Conservation – a highly selective and prestigious group of the most renowned wildlife and nature artists in the world. Her Fine Art Wildlife work has been exhibited throughout the U.S., Europe and Africa and is featured in Corporate and Private collections including the Herlufsholm in Denmark, and the permanent art collection of the Bennington Center for the Arts in the United States.

Chris has traveled and photographed in Europe, The Middle East, South America and Africa; her work in Kenya and Tanzania continues to receive international attention and wide critical acclaim.

She is currently represented by the Westwood Gallery in Westwood, NJ and the Lisa Christofferesn African Tribal Arts Gallery in Nairobi, Kenya.



Fine Art Printer: Antoon Taghon

Antoon, owner of Uptown Fine Art Printing Studio Inc. was born nearby Brugge, Belgium . At sixteen, he started as an apprentice in a family owned print shop. Back then, the print shop used Linotype machines and Letterpresses*. Later on they made the transition towards Offset Printing*. As an apprentice, he learned about different types of paper, learned how to print, bind books, to be precise, patience and hard work. Antoon acquired skill in mixing colors. Not using a scale but intuition, a connection with his palette knife and the gamut of colors. Later on, he worked in other small and big print shops. Each one more advanced in speed and technology.

Uptown Fine Art Printing Studio
545 West 187th Street
New York, NY 10033





Painter: Kamar Thomas

I grew up in the hills of the island of Jamaica and spent most of my life there. At the ripe old age of sixteen, amidst the angst of puberty I received my first pair of glasses. Aside from giving me good vision, it changed my identity and sparked my first fascinations with the concept. In 2008 I came to the United States to study at Wesleyan University. Here I have encountered the need to be flexible while staying connected to my past as I navigate my ever-changing present. This is the starting point for my work. Each painting is a mask that does not represent any one discernable cultural leaning but instead reveals the individual underneath in an intimate way. To make them, first, I cover my or my subject’s face in paint, then I take a photograph and edit it with Photoshop. I use the resulting image as inspiration to make an oil painting. I select images to paint based on their emotional impact and on how exciting they will be to execute in paint.






Sculptor: Ashby Carlisle

Ashby Carlisle – I am a sculptor living in Old Lyme, CT. My work grows out of a lifelong interest in seeds and their stages of development. These seed pod and vine inspired sculptures were exhibited last year in “All Paintings Great and Small” a juried invitational at the Cooley Gallery, Old Lyme, CT; “Finnegan”s Farm Then and Now” a juried invitational at the Sill House Gallery, Old Lyme, CT; “Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics” at The Barn, Guilford, CT; Guilford Art League Juried Exhibition, Mill Gallery, Guilford, CT; and GalleryOne member shows, Old Saybrook, CT. Using both elements from my sculptures and my knowledge of functional ceramics in this exquisite collaborative collection with Wendy Black-Nasta has been so much fun.


Wendy Black-Nasta

Wife, Mother, International Jewelry Designer, Artist, Jazz Vocalist, Founder and Executive Director of Artists for World Peace.

Wendy Black-Nasta began her studies at the Art Students League in N.Y.C. at the age of twelve. An artist in a variety of mediums she has focused her work on designing jewelry for museums, galleries, and art collectors worldwide and sacred objects for churches, temples, and Buddhist monasteries. Her jewelry has been sold through Sak’s Fifth Avenue, Macy’s, and hundreds of stores around the world. At the center of her life is her family who inspires her to share her passion for creating beauty with those less fortunate.





The CitySingers of Hartford performance is generated by the chanson melody “L’homme Armé” (The Armed Man), a popular song originating in the 15th century.

This and other texts in the program are filled with imagery about what it means to be equipped to protect and strive for peace. The program will include excerpts of contemporary Welsh composer, Karl Jenkins’ stirring composition based on “The Armed Man,” as well as a setting of this melody by 15th century composer Antoine Busnois. Through creative expression of choral and instrumental music combined with ethnic dance, featuring Sankofa Kuumba Dance EnsembleCitySingers offers this performance as a symbol of peace for all.  The dance ensemble will wear the International Peace Belt during their performance.



*A special thank you to Michele Wytas for designing our brochure and poster. And thank you to Antoon Taghon and Khachik Bozoghlian for designing and hanging tonight’s art show.

*A special thank you to Hahnemuhle USA for their generous donation of paper.