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Artists for World Peace on Broadway 1-5


It’s one thing to have a brilliant idea; its another thing to have the commitment, energy and talent of an amazing Broadway star to implement it and follow through.

Its being sustained, year after year, by Sharone Sayegh.

She has staying power.

Artists for World Peace on Broadway helped our work in Tanzania, year after year. It helped to built the health center. It supported the children of peace. It created the sustainability projects in the village, and this year it is financing cataract surgery for our villagers who have lost their sight.

Audience members are so enthralled with the brilliant performances that we never stop to tell them that there’s not one performer up on stage who has gotten paid for their amazing performances.

Each year, Sharone has put together an evening of talent that is eclipsed only by the amount of love and compassion in each performer’s heart.

No matter how tired people are on a Sunday evening as they enter the theater, as soon as MC’s Robbie and Paul Rescigno take the stage to welcome us with their magnetic smiles, everyone in the audience is ready to receive the gifts of the evening.

Over the first five years of AFWP on Broadway, more than a hundred performers have made our work possible and their gifts continue to change lives every day. We thank them all with full hearts.





We raised $9,200!


The money raised from AFWP on Broadway 5 will:

– Help set up and open the AFWP Dental Clinic for summer 2016

The first clinic ever to be opened in this part of Tanzania!

– Help pay for necessary supplies at the clinic

We’ll be seeing 2500 villagers, most of whom have never been to a dentist!

– Cover the expenses of running our 2016 Free Eye Clinic

Our 2014 eye specialists and documentary team will be returning with us,

in addition to Vision Health International, who will be traveling with us to train Tanzanian surgeons!


This is all happening because of you and your support!



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