Mother’s Day Campaign


Mothers for World Peace Campaign

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, we often think of all the blessings our mothers and other women in our lives have given us. We are grateful to all of those who provided:

  • Unconditional love
  • Support, no matter the circumstances
  • Confidence in our abilities
  • Food that nourishes us, body and soul
  • Traditions that bring us together
  • Wisdom that guides us
  • And so much more
These gifts are exactly what Artists for World Peace seeks to give to those in need—to the children we educate, house, clothe, and love;
to the men and women who receive healthcare and employment opportunities. So on this Mother’s Day, won’t you join us in helping the
mothers and children around the world whose lives we touch? By contributing to our Mothers for World Peace Campaign, you are not only
honoring the gifts she gave you, but extending that love to others throughout the world.
Thank you for joining us in celebrating Mother’s Day by honoring the special people whose love continues to nurture and sustain us and others.
In love and peace,

Wendy Black-Nasta

Founder and Executive Director

This Mother’s Day, honor a loved one with a donation on their behalf, or in memory of a loved one who has passed away.

With a contribution to our Mothers for World Peace Campaign, you are not only recognizing the gifts you have received, but extending that love to others throughout the world. We will send your honoree an Artists for World Peace Mother’s Day card to let her know of your thoughtful gift in tribute to her.

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You can also email a photo with a caption (exactly as you would like it to appear) to place on our Mothers for World Peace Wall of Fame on the Artists for World Peace website and social media pages for the world to see. Send your photo and caption to:, using the subject line: “Mothers for World Peace

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